Sony Ericsson M600i Review

Slim touchscreen phone for style-conscious professionals.
The Sony Ericsson M600i has all you need to keep in touch with friends and colleagues in every way, every day. It gives you secure push email, internet and company intranet access. Surf the Web. Download music and video. Enjoy fast-moving games and your favourite music wherever you go. And when you’re browsing the Web with your Sony Ericsson M600i, you can still make and take calls. The Sony Ericsson M600i is a true 3G multitasking device.

The slim form factor makes the Sony Ericsson M600i easy to carry, hold and use. You can carry it comfortably in your pocket or in a bag. It has its own dual-function keyboard and dedicated function keys. The touchscreen and Jog Dial navigation make using the Sony Ericsson M600i easy and intuitive. A large screen is excellent for watching video, viewing images and reading email and other messages.

Wherever you are, you have your office with you. Send and receive email, access a corporate intranet and the public internet, read, edit and re-send email attachments and, if a compatible printer is nearby, you can print attached documents. When writing, choose from the dual-function keyboard just below the screen, an onscreen keyboard or handwriting recognition.

As a portable internet device, the Sony Ericsson M600i has the speed to satisfy. Wherever you are, you can enjoy high-speed 3G mobile internet, and the comfortably large touchscreen makes browsing the Web intuitive and easy. Mobile RSS feeds give you up-to-the-minute news updates.

The Sony Ericsson M600i can also serve as your mobile entertainment centre. Enjoy film trailers, music videos and video newscasts on the go. The Sony Ericsson M600i media player lets you enjoy your favourite music wherever you go. Online application shops provide application download services when you want to enhance your Sony Ericsson M600i with new capabilities.

You don’t have to be at the office to work. You can work anywhere. The Sony Ericsson M600i is your secure organiser, email, phone and internet device. It’s secure, easy to use, and fast. This innovative phone is powered by Symbian OS. This makes it possible to add applications and useful tools to your phone including navigation, travel and organiser enhancements.

Work where you are
You don’t have to be at the office to work. You can work anywhere. The Sony Ericsson M600i is your organiser, email, phone and internet device. It’s secure, easy to use, and fast.

When someone sends you email, a push email* solution allows you to receive it straight to your Sony Ericsson M600i. Open, read and act instantly. You can also read file attachments and, if there’s a compatible printer nearby, print documents and other attachments.

* Email service provider and/or network operator dependent.

The Sony Ericsson M600i supports the most common data protection protocols and encryption solutions. You can access databases, your company’s internal information and other tools behind your company intranet.

The Sony Ericsson M600i touchscreen and keyboard make messaging easy and very convenient. You can choose from several ways to write and add attachments and other items to your messages. Text input is enhanced by intuitive predictive text input. As you write, The Sony Ericsson M600i displays word choices. Click once to finish a word.

A large and clear colour screen makes web browsing on the move a satisfying experience. Keep up with news and media events, travel and finance wherever you are. And the company intranet is only a click away. Mobile RSS feeds give you up-to-the-minute news updates.

The Sony Ericsson M600i is a Symbian OS device. This makes it possible to add applications and useful tools to your phone including navigation, travel and organiser enhancements.

Touchscreen ease-of-use
A slim and stylish touchscreen mobile phone with its own dual-function keyboard and dedicated function keys. The Sony Ericsson M600i has easy access to your favourite functions, either from the desktop or using the jog dial on the side of the phone.

Easy operation
Touchscreen navigation is intuitive. The most used phone functions have their own dedicated icon. For quick and easy notes, use the stylus. The Sony Ericsson M600i has handwriting recognition – your letters are transformed into digital text.

Large QVGA screen

Sony Ericsson M600i 3
The Sony Ericsson M600i screen is excellent for browsing the Web, watching video, viewing images and reading email and other messages. Email attachments such as documents and spreadsheets can be opened, viewed and edited.

Easy to carry
The slim form factor – it’s only 16 mm thick – makes the Sony Ericsson M600i easy to carry, hold and use. You can carry it comfortably in your pocket or in a bag. It’s light, and a pleasure to hold.

Email on the go
Wherever you are, you have your email. You can have your company email pushed to your phone, and access your private, web-based email when on the road. And with a 3G connection, it’s fast.

Secure push email
The Sony Ericsson M600i has support for the security functions needed to make sure your email and other communications are encrypted and safe to send. With push email, you don’t have to download email to check your mailbox. You receive incoming email straight to your phone.

Text input
You can write email or other messages in several ways. You use the dual-function keyboard. The unique dual-function keyboard is a combination of phone number keypad and full QWERTY keyboard. The Sony Ericsson M600i also has handwriting recognition. Use your stylus to write each letter as you would on paper, and the Sony Ericsson M600i transforms it into digital text. Fast, intuitive and easy. There’s also an onscreen keyboard for use with the stylus.

Word completion
When you write text, you can have the Sony Ericsson M600i predict which word you’re writing. Alternative words are based on your writing style and the words you’ve used previously. If you misspell a word, the Sony Ericsson M600i will suggest a correction.

In your phone – EMO and Exchange ActiveSync
Several useful applications are included when you buy your Sony Ericsson M600i. Ericsson Mobile Organizer (EMO) lets you send, compose, receive and respond to email when on the road. Exchange ActiveSync lets you connect to your company’s Exchange mail and calendar and use it via your phone – just as conveniently as if you were using your PC’s Outlook mail client in the office. The EMO and EAS clients are part of the Sony Ericsson offer for Sony Ericsson M600i. * A 30-day trial version of EMO is included with your Sony Ericsson M600i.

More email goodies
Your Sony Ericsson M600i also supports the BlackBerry™ Connect 2.1 client, complete with unicode and time zone support.
3G speed
As a portable internet device, the Sony Ericsson M600i has the speed to satisfy. Wherever you are, you can enjoy high-speed 3G mobile internet, and the comfortably large touchscreen makes browsing the Web intuitive and easy. Mobile RSS feeds give you up-to-the-minute news updates.

Always online
Keep in touch with news from home when you’re travelling. There are lots of high-quality news and current affairs websites to choose from. Travel and traffic information is also widely available, and you can book and shop for anything online wherever you are.

When you’re browsing the Web with your Sony Ericsson M600i, you can still make and take calls. The M600i is a true 3G multitasking device.

Online application shops provide application download services when you want to enhance your Sony Ericsson M600i with new capabilities. There are useful travel and navigation tools, messaging and organiser applications, multi-lingual phrase books and dictionaries, fast moving 3D games and more. Download these applications straight to your phone on the move.

Secure access with VPN

Access your company intranet at any time and keep yourself up-to-date with internal announcements and information. With a VPN application, the Sony Ericsson M600i connection is fully secure.

Entertaining you
The Sony Ericsson M600i can also serve as your mobile entertainment centre. Enjoy film trailers, music videos and video newscasts on the go.

Music on the move
The Sony Ericsson M600i has an impressive media player that supports playback of the most popular audio files. Move your favourite music to your phone and have it with you wherever you go. You can also download new music to your phone from online music stores. Store on Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™).

Mobile gaming
A big screen makes great gaming. Take some time out with challenging and fast-moving 3D games.

Cellular phone wallpapers, give your phone personality

How An Individual Cell Phone Wallpaper Can Give Your Phone New Personality

In the modern society we live in, cellular phone is already a necessity; no longer valid is the notion that this is merely a luxurious toy. For minors, however, cellular phone usage is very popular as a dress up gadget. Although, the parents think of it is a necessary communication for them to be able to check their children wherever there are. Although they never foresee this boom some years back, manufactu rers are quick to flood the marketplace with functional and high-tech cellular phones. Various beneficial features of cellular phones are not available in a landline telephone; this is what can make cellular phones outpace landline telephony. For those who want to dress up their cellular phones, you may also find cellular phone useful. Manufacturers and computer experts introduce the possibility of giving your phone personality by introducing cellular phone wallpapers.

If you want cellular phone wallpapers, getting one from the internet is very easy. You may also transfer images as cellular phone wallpaper from Cellular phone to another cellular phone. Even the pictures shot from your own cellular phone can be your cellular phone wallpaper. Additionally, this modern technology also allows a picture taken from a digital camera to function as your cellular wallpaper you may just need to upload the image to your phone. You may even add texts to the pictures to add distinctness to your cellular phone wallpaper. Cellular phone wallpapers are merely to add beauty and personality to your cellular phone. However, if your cellular phone does not support uploading cellular phone wallpapers, do not despair, this does not mean you will not get the benefits of owning a cellular phone.

Additionally, cellular phones even without cellular phone wallpapers may have its own personality; personalized ring tones may do the job of giving your phone personality as well. Having no cellular phone wallpaper does not say you have an inferior cellular phone. Anyway, the basic features of cellular phone like sending and receiving calls do not require personality or cellular phone wallpapers. Even sending and receiving text messages do not require cellular phone wallpapers. Functionality does not necessitate cellular phone wallpapers; their use is only to dress up your phone and for the purpose of flaunting your cellular phones high technology features, nothing more.


Finally, keep in mind that intelligent cellular phone usage include keeping in mind cellular phone etiquette. Cellular phone etiquette do not just give your cellular phone personality, cellular phone etiquette exhibits your personality, the users personality is more important that your phone having personality. Even if your phone do not include such high technology and innovative features, if you can turn off your phone during meetings and avoid having to annoy the other person in front of you, you are exhibiting a personally that is intrinsic in you.

If you exhibit cellular phone etiquette, even without cellular phone wallpapers, you will get all the benefits of this modern day gadget. You may even get the respect from other users, if you respect them they will not use their phone unethically that may annoy you. It is a two-way traffic, if you exhibit telephone etiquette, the people around you will do the same. Moreover, you do not need cellular phone wallpapers to gain respect from exhibiting telephone etiquette.

Cell phones, do you really want to be available all the time?

app shot

Do you really want to be available for anyone and everyone on a 24/7 basis? What do I mean? A famous person once said that the more available you make yourself; the more available everyone will expect you to be. People will actually be annoyed if you are not instantly and constantly available rather than being pleased when you do call. People expecting you to be available all the time may be annoying. Cell phone calls follow you everywhere you are including your bathroom. Even during nighttime when you want to rest, cell phones continue to ring and annoy you. If it is important, no problem but if it is very menial, why you need to be bothered so late.

Today in this modern society, we live in and the proliferation of cell phones we see people talking anywhere and everywhere. If used for business, this may prove to be very effective and worthy. However, for very menial issues being bothered in your sleep and even during your bathroom time may be quite annoying if not outright disgusting. However, if you make yourself available all the time, you created your own nightmare.

Cell phone etiquette is getting to be a forgotten concept. You will see people talking on the phone loudly and disturbs people nearby in restaurants and even in offices. I am sure by now, once or twice in a meeting you will notice that when a cell phone rings, almost everyone around will immediately look for their cell phones. If you were the one talking, and then the person in front of you talks on his phone, how would you feel? I am sure you will feel belittled and ignored. Rude practice, and should be changed.

It may help people who use cell phones to follow certain degree of etiquette with respect to the use of cell phones specially in places where you may seem rude if you use or even when your cell phone rings.

When you are in a place of worship, it may be necessary to leave your cell phone in the house or at least turn it off if you do not want to be away with it. This is because ringing cell phone will not just disturb you while you pray it will also disturb others. You do not need to show off your expensive gadget in a place of worship.

During meetings, please turn off your cell phone; it is rude to have your phone ringing while somebody speaks. Disruption may cause problems especially when the meeting tackles extremely important issues. However, if you are waiting for terribly important call, you may use the vibrate mode of your cell phone to alert you when a call is in-coming and leave the meeting if you need to answer the call. You may also inform the possible caller that you are in a meeting and that you cannot be disturbed.

Family Cellular Phone

When traveling and if you are on-board an aircraft, you will be required to turn off your phone. This is because electronics devices may interfere with the aircraft’s avionics. Thus, it is a requirement to turn of your phone for safety reasons. However, for extremely long flights, airline companies allow cell phone usage at a certain time, if you really need to make a phone call, use this time allotted if necessary.

Cell phone have become to be a necessity nowadays, that is why most people use it and cell phone manufacturers have continuously develop different usage and functions for this very small gadget. Be globally competitive, but you should understand that being rude is not part of modernity. Follow certain degree of etiquette; this will be very helpful to you and your business.

Life’s Good with LG cellular phones

The cellular phone industry is already able to stand as a functional gadget and not merely luxurious toy. Because of this, manufacturer quickly jump into the cellular phone bandwagon, this includes the electronics companies and telephone companies. On the electronics side, LG Electronics is getting to be a figure to watch out for in the future.

LG Electronics is now focusing all its effort in making LG cellular phone an excellent and premium brand. This is a commitment made by the LG Electronics CEO during his speech at the 2004 International Consumer Electronic Show. To show how committed LG Electronics is to their promise, the company is poised on investing three hundred million dollars for the marketing activities of LG Cellular phone. LG Electronics likewise set-up a brand management team that will uphold the new LG slogan that “Life’s Good” for all its marketing efforts that will promote the premium LG cellular phone brand in the North American market.

LG Viewty 2

Because of this strong commitment to develop cellular phone units as a premium and superb brand of cellular phones, consumers are sure that the company will soon introduce to the market cellular phone units that will give some major manufacturers a run for their money. This endeavor will surely benefit consumers who will find more premium brand cellular phones including LG cellular phones available in the market. The endeavor will further alleviate the company’s vision of sitting as one of the top three global firms by the year 2010. This may prove to be an easy task for the company coming from its success in achieving top brand image in India, Middle East and Africa. This endeavor of making premium brand LG cellular phones is not only a mission for it North American market but the plan includes Europe as well. I hope that in the future, for the world, this is a vision that LG Electronics is focusing on.

The campaign following the theme “life’s good” offers superior lifestyle for LG cellular phone users. The company keeps this promise by putting together a product development team that will focus on making premium LG cellular phones that will compete in the marketplace, functionality and beauty is a huge consideration.

The company is seeking to achieve an ambitious sales growth of 20% by boosting its marketing efforts for the globally competitive and premium LG cellular phone brand. To achieve all these, product development for the cellular phones units is the most important step. Organizational restructuring and improved distribution for LG cellular phone might also be a neat strategy for the company if they are serious in wanting to achieve a hefty 20% growth from its cellular phone business.

LG GW620

An increasing number of satisfied LG cellular phone users recognize the development as an effective way to get superior benefits from the increasing number of premium quality cellular phones with the introduction of the newly developed and innovatively designed cellular phones from LG Electronics. They foresee this development and the company’s endeavor to be beneficial and thus may work well to the mutual benefit of the company and its consumers.

LG cellular phones are poised on competing in t he functional and beautifully designed cellular phone industry, their experience in the electronics industry give them the edge against competition. Await the development and the new LG cellular phone models to get the benefit from the company’s commitment to quality.

Samsung E800 Review

Evolution’s a great thing. We’ve taken everything good about the Slide-Up design and simply…made it better. Cooler and sexier and easier to use, this mobile has got more style than ever before. The hot new Samsung E800, comes outfitted with a semi-automatic slide design and a camera with a distinctive hidden camera Look closer, and you will find that it has some of the most powerful features available in mobile technology today. This high-speed GPRS gem utilizes WAP, MMS, comes with a VGA camera, market-leading 64 polyphonic sound system, state of the art noise cancellation technology, stunning 65k TFT display and support for Java™ applications. The Samsung E800 makes it possible for you to communicate anywhere and anytime, with ease and style. Take a real close look at this design classic. It’s just as good on the inside as it is on the outside.

Compact & Stylish Slide-Up Design


Samsung’s E800 is an amazing phone with a refined slide design, which fits comfortably in your hand. The semi-automatic slide allows you to open the phone quietly, smoothly and with very little effort. Samsung’s new sliding camera phone offers unparalleled convenience of use. With its sleek & clean design it’s one phone that’s here to stay.

VGA Camera with Flash

With the built-in VGA Camera, the Samsung E800 allows you to shoot the clearest of images, anytime, anywhere. Take a close look at another advanced technology masterpiece created by Samsung.

Speaker Phone

The integrated speakerphone incorporates a state-of-the-art echo cancellation technology and incorporates both noise cancellation and voice clarity functions to let you speak more freely on the fly or in the car. They’ll always be able to hear you loud and clear.

Background Noise Sensitivity

You can talk in the midst of a crowd and the phone will automatically increase the volume and clarity of the incoming call to make it more audible.

Even better than simply raising the volume on your phone, the E800 automatically senses the volume around you to enhance your conversation and keep you from having to run out of the room.

Noise Cancellation Functionality

The first phone in the world to have this innovative technology, the E800 actually suppresses excess ambient noise from around the person speaking so that the person receiving a call can hear the caller loud and clear. The sounds of others will never prevent you from hearing your callers.

Take Samsung to a party and let the E800 keep you in touch with those that aren’t.

64 Poly Ringtones

64 Polyphonic ringtones will make your calls ring through with unmistakable clarity and great sound to boot. This ‘best in the market’ sound will make the difference between you and the rest all the more audible.

Get Personal with Photo Caller ID

Now you can see who’s calling you by his or her very own photo.

With the image saved in your phone, you can view the image of the person calling you, before you answer the call.

The Samsung E800’s Photo Caller ID function provides you with the convenience of using your picture files in ways that are impossible with other mobile phones.

Step up to the latest and greatest in convenience with the E800

65,536 Color TFT LCD

As usual, Samsung leads the way in mobile display quality. The display of the E800 will astounded you with its vivid colors and distinctive class. With its 65,536 color TFT screen the quality of the VGA pictures will come out in true force.

The screen of the display lets the message come through in vivid life and lets you view your multimedia messages in bright delight.


Just shoot it and send it along with Samsung’s Multimedia solution, MMS.
Multimedia Messaging Service was developed from SMS and makes it possible
to send message with a combination of text, voice, music, and images to other
MMS capable mobile phones. Make multimedia communication your message to
the world as you discover a new way to tell your story.



Make your free time more relaxing with a bit of mobile entertainment.
The Samsung E800’s Java™ based games bring the challenges to you. Enjoy the embedded games and download new Java™ based games for more amusement.

The Java™ capabilities allow you to download programs from wide variety of
Java™ applications – more than just games. You can use the E800 to let you access travel and other information from a variety of websites or download dedicated email programs to view you emails away from your desk.

Sony Ericsson K608i Review

Slim 3G style  
The Sony Ericsson K608i is a feature-packed 3G megapixel phone. Enjoy the latest mobile services – video call, media streaming and broadband mobile internet. You can have access to all the services and information you need – wherever you are. Inside, you have a 1.3-megapixel camera for the best images and video recording when you want to capture a special moment. The Sony Ericsson K608i is slim 3G style.

Fast and effective
The Sony Ericsson K608i brings you business efficiency. You have high speed access to your company network. An advanced phone book and predictive text input makes calling and messaging fast and easy. Multitasking allows you to talk and browse the web or send files simultaneously. And when you need your contact and calendar details with you wherever you go, synchronize.

Video messaging and entertainment

Sony Ericsson K608i-2
Real-time video straight to your phone. Watch news and sport as it happens. 3G is instant. You can record video and send it to another phone or PC anywhere and share your experiences with friends and family. The Sony Ericsson K608i has music and games inside, plus more waiting for you online. Getting them to your phone is fast and easy.

Classic – and unique
Slim, small, stylish. It’s size makes it easy to take with you, its looks make it a pleasure to show. The Sony Ericsson K608i design is classic – yet innovative, instantly recognisable and unique.

The Sony Ericsson K608i – Straight city style
The Sony Ericsson K608i’s best 3G features are at your fingertips. The Video call button is on the front edge of the phone. An active lens cover activates a 1.3-megapixel digital camera when opened. The camera has a horizontal digital camera menu that you navigate using the Sony Ericsson K608i’s joystick. And when you need better light for your picture, the Sony Ericsson K608i has a built-in photo light.

Intelligent menus
The Sony Ericsson K608i’s menus are designed for optimal colour clarity and ease-of-use, and an activity menu keeps track of whatever you do with your phone.

Dual front design
Straight up, the Sony Ericsson K608i is a mobile phone with its best features easily accessed from the animated icon desktop. Selection keys below the screen offer you various alternatives depending on what you’re doing with your Sony Ericsson K608i. In horizontal mode, you have an advanced digital camera with video. Open the active lens cover and you’re ready to shoot.

3G video call – see who’s talking

The Sony Ericsson K608i is the ultimate 3G video phone. Press the video call button on the side of the phone and you’re ready to call. You can see who you’re talking to, and they can see you. During the call, you can start and stop the video camera as you please, and therefore control what the other person can see.
Email straight to your phone.

The Sony Ericsson K608i gives you true mobile email. When somebody sends you email, it’s pushed to your phone without you having to press “send/receive email” in your phone menu (operator-dependent service).

1.3-megapixel camera with video
In horizontal mode, the Sony Ericsson K608i is designed to be the optimal camera. Open the lens cover and you’re ready to shoot. To switch between digital camera and video mode, simply flip the joystick up or down.

Digital camera menu
Adding picture effects, switching to night mode and changing camera settings is easy. The Sony Ericsson K608i has a digital camera menu one click away. When you want to catch some action, it has video too.

Multimedia messaging (MMS) – picture and video
Images taken with your Sony Ericsson K608i can be stored in the phone, transferred to your PC or sent to another phone or email address using MMS. The Sony Ericsson VideoDJ™ function lets you combine images, video and text and send it as one impressive message.

3G Video streaming
Use your network operator’s 3G services to go online and enjoy the latest news, sport and entertainment videos. 3G mobile video streaming is fast and easy.

Digital media player
The Sony Ericsson K608i’s media player has all the functions you’d expect from a digital media player. Click on the media player icon on the Sony Ericsson K608i’s desktop to enjoy your music and video.

FM radio RDS
From the Sony Ericsson K608i’s desktop, click on the FM radio icon to go straight to your favourite radio station. You can pre-set 8 radio channels and enjoy quality news, music and entertainment round the clock. The Sony Ericsson K608i’s FM radio also receives radio data support (RDS) feeds. These are digital text feeds, transmitted by the radio station, that appear in the FM radio screen in your phone.

Synchronise and share
The Sony Ericsson K608i connects to your PC with and without a cable. You can automatically synchronise your calendar and contacts, and have all your important information with you everywhere you go. The Sony Ericsson K608i kit includes a Sony Ericsson K608i USB data cable and a Sony Ericsson K608i software CD-ROM with everything you need to connect your phone to your PC to surf, synchronise and transfer files.

Mobile broadband access

sony ericsson xperia prophotos_b
A 3G network is a fast and effective network, and your Sony Ericsson K608i has a built-in mobile modem to give you access to the internet wherever you are. Connect to your company intranet to retrieve files and send and receive email. The Sony Ericsson K608i makes remote access easy.

Wireless and easy – Bluetooth™
Sharing is easy with Bluetooth™ and infrared. Send images, video and music from phone to phone or PC. Select media, click “send”, choose Bluetooth™.

Mobile freedom
The Sony Ericsson K608i’s wireless accessories add new dimensions to mobile freedom. A Sony Ericsson Bluetooth™ headset will give you optimal handsfree comfort for video calling and multitasking, and if you need to take a call while driving, an advanced Bluetooth™ car handsfree kit makes in-car communications safe and comfortable.

Useful Java™ applications
Business applications for your Sony Ericsson K608i are available for download at several software vendors on the Web. They include calendars, expense management tools, file managers and travel management applications.